The Inigo Conversion Exercises


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Specially written for the 500th Anniversary of St Ignatius’ conversion, these nine spiritual exercises are fertile ground for any time and any person.

Each one reveals how the life story of Ignatius mirrors our life and the life of Jesus. Each exercise calls on the symbols in our hearts for what we most treasure or most need. That symbol is en-fleshed in a story from our past. And this in turn helps us to identify and shape that which we desire.

Naming what we desire, the exercise gently carries us into the presence of our personal God, that God might heal or free or simple enjoy us, and we God.

Each exercise ends in conversation with God and a call to action.

Simple, multi-layered, profound, but easily made, these nine conversion exercises may deepen our own conversion into greater love and service. Or be a gift of great value at a time of special need to another.

Author: Michael Hansen SJ
Number of Exercises: 9