Star Contemplation 3 – My Dream


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All through his life, St Ignatius loved to contemplate the stars. He tells us that when he did so he felt a great impulse to serve the Lord.

A man who received many mystical graces, one that remained deeply a part of his spirituality was that of the Creator and all creation being suffused with Light.

Specially written for the 500th anniversary of St Ignatius’ conversion, this collection of star contemplations is presented as nine, ten-minute videos. Companion texts with a star maps are provided.

Each contemplation asks a simple question: Who carries me? How do I grow? What is my dream? How do I discern? What attracts me? How to be free? Who guides me? How do I shine? Who do I love?

This star contemplations are also available individually.

Creator: Michael Hansen SJ
Number of Videos: 9
Number of Companion Documents: 9