A Breath of Fresh Hope (Book 1 – Hope in Love)


This is one book of seven. A great gift for love.

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This book has 25 blessings for fresh hope.
Each blessing consists of two actions, a signing of the cross and taking three deep breaths.

What makes these blessings unique is that they not only use two ancient Christian prayer
methods, the sign of the cross and the prayer of the breath, they also use the message and
content of sacred scripture texts. They are both immediately fresh and deeply embedded in
Christian tradition.

This makes these blessings deeply gospel-based and yet simple enough to pray in a minute
and deep enough to carry the hope one really desires at this time.

The 25 blessings include blessings of love, suffering, happiness, patience and newness.

This is one book of seven. A great gift for love.
The full collection of 175 blessings is also available

Author: Michael Hansen SJ
Number of Pages: 30