Ignis Programs Refreshed

A Fire that Kindles Other Fires

JISA Programs for the Ministries of the Society of Jesus in Australia

The Ignis Programs, coordinated by JISA, seek to induct Australian Jesuit Province companions in ministry – staff and volunteers – into the basics of Ignatian spirituality and the Province’s way of proceeding. It introduces participants to the story of Ignatius, the Jesuits, and the Ignatian tradition that enlivens our work.

The name, Ignis, a Latin word meaning fire, acknowledges the long tradition of the programs while pointing to the Jesuits’ foundational Catholic identity.

The metaphor of fire resonates with the Jesuit General Congregation 35, in which the Society speaks of carrying a new fire of the Spirit through its history, “a fire that kindles other fires – many sparks, one fire: many stories, one history.”

These programs are offered for new staff joining the Province’s works, staff appointed in recent years, current staff who may wish to undertake the Program, and new and existing ministry volunteers. Ignis Programs are delivered in person and online, in cross-ministry groups, by experienced facilitators from the various Province entities.

With their Province-wide perspective, the Ignis suite comprises three distinct Programs which are to be experienced sequentially and complement the Ignatian formation programs provided to staff and volunteers within our schools and organisations. We hope you enjoy these offerings!

JISA provides these Programs for the ministries of the Society of Jesus in Australia. Any feedback can be directed to ignis@sjasl.org.au, or call us at 1300 392 636.

‘Province Circle' from Module 4, Ignis begins

… a new online Program which offers an early introduction to the Province, our people, and the way we work, with an initial ‘taste’ of Ignatian spirituality and a warm welcome if you are new.

… (formerly Ignis 1) follows Ignis begins, and integrates reflective, spiritual experiences with the story of Ignatius, his dreams and choices, worldview, and journey in companionship. Engaging the heart and mind, it offers you time to connect with Ignatian spirituality and the mission of the Society of Jesus.

… (formerly Ignis 2) is to be redesigned. It currently provides an experience of the intention, rhythm, and central focus of the Spiritual Exercises. You bring your life experience to the guided exercises, engaging with scripture, story and Ignatian conversation.

Program Feedback

  • Facilitator NSW 2022
    I was impressed by the willingness of those attending to connect and eagerly engage in conversation, embracing the spirit of the Program.
    Facilitator NSW 2022
    Ignis inside
  • Participant, VIC 2022
    I found both days very sustaining and restorative. I want to make a plan to bring the space I am in now into my daily prayer life.
    Participant, VIC 2022
    Ignis grows
  • Teacher, Online 2022
    These past two days have been so special. I wasn’t expecting the wonderful journaling and the genuine sharing that took place. Through sharing and speaking to so many different people around Australia across different Jesuit organisations, I have learnt so much about the BIGGER picture
    Teacher, Online 2022
    Ignis inside
  • Participant VIC 2022
    I leave here hoping to do more of the Spiritual Exercises in the future!
    Participant VIC 2022
    Ignis grows
  • Participant, VIC, 2023
    Ignis begins is a wonderful resource for anyone beginning their Ignatian journey within the Australian Province and its ministries.  I found the modules easy to navigate and enjoyed the various mediums of interaction in each module, whether it was reading, listening, or exploring other resources for further information. The snapshot of The Society of Jesus is neatly presented and well organised. I really enjoyed the experience of completing the Program, in my own time, and in a simply yet effective way.
    Participant, VIC, 2023
    Ignis begins
  • Facilitator VIC 2022
    This online experience was especially graced – I learned so much! The depth of reflection and response felt quite intimate. I was very grateful for the opportunity.
    Facilitator VIC 2022
    Ignis inside
  • I did not expect to hear from so many others and the way they view their Ignatian mission. Being a new teacher at the school it was great to hear from others’ experiences …. This program allowed me to slow down and reflect on my own spirituality. I believe it is so important for us to slow down with the pace of life at the moment and I am so grateful to have been given this time.
    Teacher, NSW 2023
    Ignis inside

How do I register for the Ignis Programs?

JISA, provider of these Programs for the ministries of the Society of Jesus in Australia,
publishes the Ignis calendar at the start of every year, and works with Province Ignatian Co-ordinators and Ministry Leaders to register participants.

Please contact your local ministry formation staff to express your interest.

Or, if you are from outside the Australian Jesuit Province and are interested in this material for your group or organisation, we would love to hear from you.
Program feedback or questions can be directed to

ignis@sjasl.org.au or call JISA at 1300 392 636