Celebrate the Ignatian Year!

Jesuit and Ignatian Spirituality Australia invites you to Erromeria – an online festive pilgrimage to celebrate the Ignatian Year.

The Ignatian Year is a celebration to commemorate 500 years since the conversion of St Ignatius in 2021, and 400 years since his canonisation in 2022.

Erromeria is Basque for a ‘festive pilgrimage’ and Ignatius came from the Basque region of Spain.

Celebrate the gifts of Ignatius’ life and spirituality through a series of stories about key stages and turning points of Ignatius’ life, and the relevance of this to our lives, places, and times, including questions to reflect upon for our own lives.

Also part of our Erromeria celebration are some retreats you can make with us:

On the Way – Spiritual Exercises for the Everyday Pilgrim

An international online retreat in daily life, offering an opportunity to walk with your own experience of God. Based on the dynamic of the Spiritual Exercises, the retreat incorporates the Awareness Examen, Contemplative Prayer and the Art of Ignatian Discernment. You are also invited to take a gentle, meditative walk each day. Dates: 9 May to 6 June 2022.

Ignatian weekends for rural and remote parish communities

In this Ignatian Year, teams of Spiritual Directors and Retreat Givers from Jesuit and Ignatian Spirituality Australia are available to visit your parish. This is an opportunity to spend some time learning about prayer, Ignatian spirituality, spiritual conversation and sharing faith. Please don’t let cost be an off-putting factor in your decision, we can meet you where you are. info@jisa.org.au or 1300-392-636.

It is with thanks to the voices of JISA – Spiritual Directors and Givers of the Spiritual Exercises in all their forms – who have come together to create contributions for our Erromeria Ignatian Year celebration!

Pilgrimage Map
Click to view a larger image of our timeline of Ignatius' life


Ignatius is born in Loyola, Spain



Hit by Cannonball

Listen to our Erromeria guide, Frances Tilly, introduce our second chapter in Ignatius life and our Erromeria journey


Convalescence and Conversion

Listen to Frances Tilly, our Erromeria guide, as we return to Loyola.


Magnificent Grace

Listen to Frances Tilly, our Erromeria guide, as we visit Manresa.


Studies in Paris

Coming March 2022



Gives the Spiritual Exercises

Coming April 2022



Vision at La Storta

Coming May 2022



Society of Jesus formed

Coming June 2022

In Gratitude

We thank all those who contributed to our Erromeria celebration.


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