Thank you to the voices of JISA and the Australian Jesuit Province – Spiritual Directors and Givers of Ignatian Spirituality and the Spiritual Exercises in all their forms – who have come together to create this Erromeria pilgrimage!

Our Guide
Frances Tilly, who introduced each chapter of Ignatius’ life, narrating and illuminating scenes and experiences, and inviting us to journey more deeply.

Theme music
To Guillermo Sarasa SJ composer and writer of Señora del Camino our theme music throughout, sung by Cristóbal Fones, SJ, we give thanks for your creativity and generosity.

From ‘Ignatius the Pilgrim’ by Andrew Bullen SJ – these poems were featured in the different chapters of the pilgrimage.

Introductory Stories
Murray Adams – Preparation and setting out on a pilgrimage
Isaac Demase SJ – Ignatius the Pilgrim
Michael Ryan SJ – What does it mean to be a Pilgrim?
Mary and Mark Diggins – Letting God walk with me each day
Margaret Strobl – Ignatius’ beloved Lady of the Way

Brendan Kelly SJ – Casa Torre Loyola
Robyn Wunder – Disconnected – Young Ignatius at Loyola
Sally Longley – Midrash as a Creative Hermeneutic for the Festive Pilgrimage with Ignatius
Laetitia Puthenpadath – Mary, mother of Jesus – nurtures Ignatius, nurtures us

Annmaree Sutton – A Raging Bull, Cannonball Fire and a Nobleman
Jim Manney – A Cannonball Moment
Nathan, Joshua, Sebastian, Riley & Juliana from Loyola College, Watsonia – The Examen – ‘Cannonball Moment’
Helen Lucas – From my head to my heart, a pilgrimage experience

Ignatian Spirituality Western Australia – Stoppage
Caroline Coggins – Ignatius – The Pilgrim
Margaret Strobl – Aranzazu

Maurus Irsan Rimawal SJ – From a lady’s man to being Our Lady’s man
Laetitia Puthenpadath – What do you want from me God?
Margaret Strobl – ‘The Way’ to Jesus – a ceramic story

Kerry Holland – St Ignatius in Manresa

Michael Smith SJ – Ignatius, Jerusalem, and the Holy Land: “The whole world will be my Jerusalem”

Andy Nguyen SJ – Tracing Ignatius’ footsteps in Paris: a personal reflection
Anita Davine – Ignatian Spirituality expressed in Jesuit Education
Chris Gleeson SJ – “Friends in the Lord” – a meeting in Paris

Annmaree Sutton – Venice and Corpus Christi Community
Michael Ryan SJ – Venice not Jerusalem
Caroline Coggins – Stepping into his journey, tethering into his God

La Storta
Laetitia Puthenpadath – Ignatius at La Storta, a guided Imaginative Contemplation
Anne Wakatama – Childhood, La Storta and companions of Jesus
Isaac Demase SJ – The mystical vision at La Storta

Isaac Demase SJ – Letters from Rome
Isaac Demase SJ – Ignatius – pilgrim to stationary leader

Michael Bertie – Journeying the Ignatian Camino
Michael Smith SJ – My failure on the Ignatian Camino (and how God healed me)
Rob Morris SJ – Navigating the human heart. The legacy of St Ignatius’ conversion for the Church, Jesuits, and the world.

To the team who put together each chapter for you: Robyn Wunder, Sharyn Price, Mary Robson, Isaac Demase SJ, Anthony Whitten, Anthony Costa, and our friends at Ardent and Make it Happen, thank you!