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Spiritual Exercises and prayers for you at home

1 December 2022


7 October 2022

Survival Strength

31 August 2022

Spirit Hovers Over Creation

20 July 2022

Spiritual Exercise – Feeling Joy

11 February 2022

A Spiritual Field Hospital Exercise – Seeking Clarity

3 November 2021

Try this Spiritual Exercise – Breakthrough Progress

After his conversion experience at Loyola, Ignatius felt moved to leave home and journey to Montserrat. There, at the Benedictine Monastery at Montserrat he surrenders the trappings of his former life and makes a full confession […]
5 October 2021

Try this Spiritual Exercise: Ecological Examen

As we approach the end of our Season of Creation for 2022 we offer you this Ecological Examen to take with you through the rest of the year.  Offered by Pray As You Go, our colleagues in […]
25 August 2021

The Examen – ‘Cannonball Moment’

We invite you to pray the Examen with students Nathan, Joshua, Sebastian, Riley and Juliana from Loyola College, Watsonia Melbourne. As they reflect on the life of Ignatius, they invite you  to recognise the cannonball moments in your own life.
26 July 2021

Gentle Life Support – a Field Hospital Exercise

Join Frances Tilly as she guides you through the Field Hospital Spiritual Exercise, Gentle Life Support. You are invited to find a flower petal to hold during the prayer and through touch, memory, desire and breath, participate and […]
29 June 2021

Delight and Meaning in Mary – A First Spiritual Exercise

A First Spiritual Exercise with Frances Tilly, JISA Formation Mission Formation Coordinator. Using the Second Method of Prayer which Ignatius encourages in the Spiritual Exercises [249-257], we slowly consider the Hail Mary as we deepen our relationship with Mary, the mother of […]
24 May 2021

Bandage of Kindness

A Spiritual Field Hospital Exercise for anyone seeking new life, a new heart and new spirit, in these difficult times. By Murray Adams from the First Spiritual Exercises, a ministry of Jesuit and Ignatian Spirituality Australia. […]
10 May 2021

Imaginative Contemplation – Jesus Appears to the Disciples

An Imaginative Contemplation with Chris Kennedy Introduction… Be guided to imagine you are standing in the room in which the disciples are gathered for fear of the Jews after the death by crucifixion of Jesus. […]
22 March 2021

Awakening Hope – A Spiritual Exercise for Holy Week

Awakening Hope, a Spiritual Exercises for Holy Week, with Colleen Leonard SGS and Michael Ryan SJ.  Adapted from Michael Hansen SJ’s Field Hospital Spiritual Exercises. Jesuit and Ignatian Spirituality Australia · Awakening Hope – A […]
3 March 2021

Lenten Reflection

We invite you to experience this Lenten Reflection in Ignatian Contemplation with JISA Campion Director, Michael Ryan SJ. Sinews of Love, a reading from Isaiah 43.   Jesuit and Ignatian Spirituality Australia · Lenten Reflection Michael Ryan […]
8 February 2021

The Examen – Looking Back on 2020 to Look Forward to 2021

10 November 2020

Diagnosing Illness – a Field Hospital Exercise