Spiritual Exercises

30 April 2024

Delight and Meaning in Mary – A First Spiritual Exercise

A First Spiritual Exercise with Frances Tilly, JISA Formation Mission Formation Coordinator. Using the Second Method of Prayer which Ignatius encourages in the Spiritual Exercises [249-257], we slowly consider the Hail Mary as we deepen our relationship with Mary, the mother of […]
2 August 2021

Finding God: St Ignatius and Spiritual Exercises

What does it mean to pray the Spiritual Exercises? This children’s animation from Loyola Press simply and beautifully explains the significance of the practice in the world today. To learn more about the Spiritual Exercises […]
28 October 2020

Experience the Full Spiritual Exercises

Sevenhill Retreat is the home of silent residential retreats for Jesuit and Ignatian Spirituality Australia. We specialise in the Full 30+ day Spiritual Exercises and other silent retreats. Located two hours drive north of Adelaide in the picturesque Clare Valley wine region, in South […]
5 October 2020

Sowing good seeds

An intimate experience of God filled Ignatius with passionate desire to share a simple prayer method to encounter God!   His desire became the seeds of the First Spiritual Exercises and through spiritual conversations and prayer, these seeds were scattered far and wide by the early Companions. […]