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23 May 2022

Ignatius and the stars

14 January 2022

How pilgrimage can complement and deepen the Exercises journey

20 December 2021

O come, O come, Emmanuel

20 December 2021

The Examen

11 November 2021

Manresa poem

11 November 2021

Cardoner poem

11 November 2021

St Ignatius in Manresa

3 November 2021

A deepening of my spiritual life beyond measure

From the First Spiritual Exercises (FSE) training team, Anita Davine, reflects on the FSE ministry and her joy filled experience training a new group of FSE Givers. As I ponder the fruits and graces of the FSE […]
1 November 2021

Manresa – the city of Ignatius

Manresa 1522 – the city of Ignatius This video portrays what the city that hosted Saint Ignatius of Loyola was like almost five centuries ago. Spanish narrative, English subtitles.      
1 November 2021

From a lady’s man to being Our Lady’s man

For Ignatius at Montserrat, the Blessed Mary was a caring mother who would bring him closer to her Son, Jesus. Maurus Irsan Rimawal SJ from Myanmar reflects on Montserrat. Montserrat is a mountain 20 miles […]
1 November 2021

What do you want from me God?

On the cusp of a significant spiritual insight.’ Laetitia Puthenpadath reflects on Ignatius’ transformative experience at the foot of the black Madonna in Monserrat. ‘He was like a roughly hewn and ill-shaped piece of marble […]
1 November 2021

Two Standards – Do we protect or pollute our oceans?

This is a brief reflection of the blessed time we recently enjoyed as a family, sailing among some of the beautiful Whitsunday Islands.  The islands visited included South Mole, Lindeman, Shaw, Goldsmith, Thomas, Whitsunday, and […]
29 October 2021

‘The Way’ to Jesus – a ceramic story

Two beautiful ceramic sculptures of Ignatius with Mary – as a young boy and at Monserrat. Read what inspired Margaret Strobl, Giver of the First Spiritual Exercises, and sculptural ceramicist, to create these pieces. I’ve […]
5 October 2021


Ignatius arrived by stretcher at his family home in Azpeitia, Loyola, a broken man, physically and in every other way – a casualty of war, with a totally shattered leg, a man stopped in his tracks, […]
5 October 2021

Ignatius – The Pilgrim

Wisdom says that only in fire You will find the Beloved. Do not make a home In the certainty of words Instead, leap into the fire Until you are burnt in the fire, You haven’t […]
5 October 2021


Margaret Strobl reflects on Ignatius’ ongoing awakening of love and devotion to Mary and the shrine of Mary at Aranzazu.  This month finds our pilgrimage, under Mary’s guidance, at Loyola, Ignatius’ home. One can’t help […]