Ignatian Year

5 October 2021


Ignatius arrived by stretcher at his family home in Azpeitia, Loyola, a broken man, physically and in every other way – a casualty of war, with a totally shattered leg, a man stopped in his tracks, […]
5 October 2021

Ignatius – The Pilgrim

Wisdom says that only in fire You will find the Beloved. Do not make a home In the certainty of words Instead, leap into the fire Until you are burnt in the fire, You haven’t […]
5 October 2021


Margaret Strobl reflects on Ignatius’ ongoing awakening of love and devotion to Mary and the shrine of Mary at Aranzazu.  This month finds our pilgrimage, under Mary’s guidance, at Loyola, Ignatius’ home. One can’t help […]
5 October 2021

Responding to a call from Central Queensland

As a girl who grew up in country Queensland, I was delighted to be invited recently to visit the communities of Blackwater and Emerald as one of the team from the Faber Centre. Mary Robson, […]
25 August 2021

A Cannonball Moment

Jim Manney from IgnatianSpirituaity.com reflects on his cannonball moment at the Loyola Chapel of Conversion.  Jim, who was previously an editor at Loyola Press, had a profound experience in the Chapel which resulted in his […]
2 August 2021

Erromeria: 1491 Ignatius is born in Loyola, Spain

Welcome to the August edition of our newsletter.  As we embark upon our virtual Erromeria pilgrimage, we do so at a time of ongoing disruption to our lives through COVID lockdowns and restrictions.  Ian Cribb SJ, likens this time […]
2 August 2021

Casa Torre Loyola

The manor house, Loyola, lies in a beautifully fertile valley between two towns [Azcoitia to the north and Azpeitia to the south] in the Basque country of northern Spain. Mount izarraitz, a deceptively imposing mountain, […]
2 August 2021

Disconnected – Young Ignatius at Loyola

Loyola. This is where the story of Ignatius’ life begins, and where our Erromeria pilgrimage begins, charting some key chapters in his life. Inigo was born in Castle Loyola in the Basque country of northern Spain, into […]
2 August 2021

Midrash as a Creative Hermeneutic for the Festive Pilgrimage with Ignatius

Our world is in great need of healing. As we join Ignatius on this pilgrimage, which one of joy, celebration and healing, we are also joining our heart with his, in our con-joined desire for […]
2 August 2021

Mary, mother of Jesus – nurtures Ignatius, nurtures us

Ignatius had a deep love for Mary and as we travel on our Erromeria Pilgrimage with Ignatius, we shall discover the many varied and beautiful devotions to Our Lady that he must have encountered on his travels. […]
2 August 2021

On the Way – Spiritual Exercises for the Everyday Pilgrim

An online retreat in daily life, offering an opportunity to walk with your own experience of God. Based on the dynamic of the Spiritual Exercises, the retreat incorporates the Awareness Examen, Contemplative Prayer and the Art of Ignatian Discernment. You […]
2 August 2021

Ignatian weekends for rural and remote parish communities

In this Ignatian Year, teams of Spiritual Directors and Retreat Givers from Jesuit and Ignatian Spirituality Australia are available to visit your parish. This is an opportunity to spend some time learning about prayer, Ignatian spirituality, spiritual conversation and […]
1 July 2021

Erromeria – JISA’s celebration of the Ignatian Year

29 June 2021

Ignatius’ Feast Day 31 July

This year the feast day of St Ignatius of Loyola (31st July) takes place in the midst of an Ignatian Year celebrating 500 years since his conversion in 1521. From a flamboyant upstart and fancy […]
1 June 2021

JISA Celebrates the Ignatian Year

1 June 2021

Preparation and setting out on a pilgrimage

Murray Adams, reflects on the Camino he and his wife, Candice, took from Lisbon in Portugal to Santiago de Compostela in Spain during 2018.  Murray shares the initial desire that drew them to embark on […]