Greater Love

Greater Love

Early this morning, we saw the mists over the mountain, a welcome sight after the heat we have been experiencing. We recalled W.H. Davies’ poem, Leisure:

“What is this life, if full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare…”

What is our life if we do not have time to recall God’s loving gaze? More than merely recalling, we ask for the grace to reflect on the power of that gaze: God’s desire to draw us ever closer.

Without God’s love, we are so limited. As Monty Williams writes in The Gift of Spiritual Intimacy, we can be freed from being stuck in our fears and narrowness of mind (p. 72).

In this Spiritual Exercise, Greater Love, we are invited to consider these questions: what increases, what diminishes, God’s love in me?

“I ask the Spirit for a greater, increasing love:

  • to build me up, in this time of recovery
  • to heal me, when I move out
  • to love others as I have been loved, on my healing journey”.

We are asking for the grace to surrender to God’s love, to accept the power of that love that raised Christ from the dead, because it transforms and continues to create us. The great promise of the Resurrection is that this transforming continues to happen throughout our lives and beyond death (Williams, p. 71).

As beautiful as the mists on the mountain, the grace of God’s love is a healing gift. Finally, channeling Amazing Grace, Julia Baird’s recent book is titled, “bright shining, how grace changes everything”.


With thanks to Christine Webb and Peter Webb for this contribution to the JISA Discernment Series. Christine and Peter are Ignatian Spiritual Directors, Retreat Givers and Givers of the Spiritual Exercises with JISA Faber. They have a desire to support Conversation in the Spirit, especially in parishes – for people to know themselves and one another better, and to experience the compassionate love of the Trinity as they journey together.