Farseeing Hope – Generated by Love

Farseeing Hope – Generated by Love

Recently, a dear friend of mine died unexpectedly and the sorrow surrounding his death was deep and painful.

The reading at the requiem of Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 was an apt reminder of the reality of life. And as strong as the temptation is to resist the acceptance of the inevitability of times for sorrow, hate, war etc., it is in fact life, and I realized that the very thing that strengthens us in these difficult times is love, the greatest of gifts, and the far-seeing hope that love can generate.

The hope was there in the remembering. I recalled the positive affect this lovely man had on those around adults and children alike. As I reflected on the life just passed, I remembered other times in my life when grief and sorrow blinded me to hope, and in the reflections recognized the little rays of hope along the path to the greater hope that all will be well again, that the season of this sorrow will pass. The hope was there in how the children still played and laughed and ran about the cemetery, even as we witnessed the coffin being lowered into the ground. The hope is in their innocence and simplicity and trust in the adults whose grief they cannot understand. I felt hope in the sharing of stories and memories amongst those of us in the community of family and friends gathered around his wife and children, and it is in the knowledge that his legacy of faith hope and love is received and carried by all of us who mourn him.

I have experienced this season of sorrow in the past and I know it will pass as I am strengthened in my remembering the life death and resurrection of Jesus.


With thanks to Terry Fanning for this contribution to the JISA Discernment Series. Terry is an experienced Ignatian Spiritual Director, giver of the Spiritual Exercises, Retreat Facilitator, and Supervisor with JISA Campion in Victoria.