Farseeing Hope – A Distant Horizon and Greater Possibilities

Farseeing Hope – A Distant Horizon and Greater Possibilities

I remember when I hit rock bottom. In a dark and enclosed space, stuck and unable to move. It was not a pretty place to be. But somehow, I found myself there. I’ll never forget the suffocating feeling of not having any hope or sight beyond my own tiny world.

I didn’t know if or how I could even ask for help. But one day I did, and I kept on asking. Then a miracle. A shaft of light appeared in my view that illuminated the darkness, a trail of light going upwards. Eventually I trusted the light and ventured to follow it …I raised my head and turned toward the light, and in the process unexpectedly lifted my gaze toward God. I kept on looking at God. My eyes not wavering. I saw hope on the horizon for the first time in a very long time.

It wasn’t a shiny fancy clever sort of hope, but rather a twinkling far off on the horizon, beckoning me to keep going, to not give up. So I kept my eyes on that distant horizon which suggested greater possibilities. And I felt growing confidence to fix my gaze to that far-sighted hope.

I love the words of this month’s Spiritual Exercise ‘Do not be afraid, you are secure in me. Hope for greater things, larger possibilities, new life. I rest, awhile, in the bright, dawning light of the Spirit … I feel secure and confident.’

My farseeing hope was a distant horizon, yes, but it was also full of greater possibilities that I could never had imagined in my darkest of dark days. It opened new ways of being in the world and new opportunities and choices for healing and growth. It was a catalyst for believing in a God that was always by my side no matter where I found myself. And It unlocked all sorts of desires for discerning the remainder of my life.


With thanks to Fern Riley for this contribution to the JISA Discernment Series. Fern is a receiver of Ignatian Spiritual Direction with a Spiritual Director in the JISA Canisius Team. She loves finding God in all things especially nature and creation.