Choosing the Way of Delight

Choosing the Way of Delight

In this world of complexity, one of the most precious things about delight is its simplicity. A flutter of delight in the heart can come from the simplicity of beauty in nature, a kind word in our relationships, or the innocence of children. It is a reminder of the sweetness of our humanity, and the joy we can bring to one another and our God.

Choosing the way of delight allows us to live with an awareness of our own human goodness, which is an important insight today in a world where evil can dominate headlines and steal our attention from all that we are that is good and enjoyable. This awareness of our goodness, and the delight that we give our God, can too easily be eroded and devalued. We have our own unique delightfulness: how incredible it is that we are a source of Divine delight!

The Spiritual Exercise on Delight is an invitation to ponder and then dwell in moments, thoughts or feelings that were (or are!) delightful. This is the gift of delight to us on Earth – the fulfilment of God’s intention for us to enjoy life with people and experiences or even things, that bring us great pleasure. Delight is a thrill and a very necessary, treasured and intentional part of our human experience. It is also an important movement of the Spirit that encourages us as we discern our way.

The coming season of Advent is a special time to consider the gift of delight, in our families, friends and in the birth of the Christ Child. Let us pray with increased joy this Christmas for the delight that exists in the world, despite what the headlines indicate, and the delight that God experiences in a relationship with us His children.

With thanks to Karen Wong for this contribution to the JISA Discernment Series. Karen works in Mission Formation at JISA with a background in organisational change. She has a certificate in Mission Leadership and is a trained giver of the First Spiritual Exercises. Karen is a mum of three children, enjoys helping others find friendship in God and appreciates the joy of spiritual conversation.

Heaven’s Heart – The Way to Joy. Artists: Arturo Araujo SJ, Pia Jondonovan.