Season of Creation 2023 – confirming a good choice

Season of Creation 2023 – confirming a good choice

‘Let Justice and Peace Flow’ is the theme of this year’s ecumenical Season of Creation, inspired by the words of the prophet Amos: “Let justice flow on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream” (5:24). Pope Francis in his general audience on “Discernment – Confirmation of the good choice” shared some wisdom “remain attentive to the stage that immediately follows the decision taken, in order to either catch the signs that confirm it or those that disprove it”.

When we move to care for creation, we are part of the Creator’s plan and we can sense another important element of a good decision, which is having a sense of one’s place in life, the experience of tranquillity, “I am in my place,” and the feeling that you are part of a larger plan, to which one wishes to contribute. As we discern the signs of the times, the urgency grows, and we must make visible peace with Earth and on Earth. As we join the river of justice and peace with others, hope is created.

As the people of God, we must work together on behalf of all Creation, as part of that mighty river of peace and justice.

“Lord, my God. When your love spilled over into creation you thought of me. I am from Love, of Love, for Love. Let my heart, O God, always recognise, cherish, and enjoy Your goodness in all of creation. Direct all that is me toward Your praise. Teach me reverence for every person, all things. Energise me in your service.” An excerpt from (Sp Ex 23), Bergan & Schwan

With thanks to Sue Martin from JISA’s Being with God in Nature ministry, for this contribution to the JISA Discernment Series. Sue is also the Reconciliation with Creation officer for the Australian Jesuit Province and globally part of the Ecojesuit team.