Opening Light

Opening Light

From Debbie dela Paz in Manresa Spain…

My Here and Now…Nothing could have been more appropriate than the time and place I found myself in when I was asked to write a piece on this month’s Discernment Exercise Opening Light.

As I am typing, I am looking down at the Cardoner River opposite Cova Sant Ignasi in Manresa Spain. This is my residence for the next six weeks as a participant in the Ignatian Immersion Course.

I do not imagine experiencing the same mystical illumination that Ignatius received at this place, but I am positive that this place will provide me with what I would like to call ‘gems of light’. ‘Gems of light’ are the moments in my life when I have been gifted with both guidance and wisdom to move forward in the right direction in an area of my life: family, relationships, career, involvement in Christian Life Community or in the First Spiritual Exercises Ministry.

At times, the light might have initially appeared dim, clouded by my emotions; but it was there, and I could not deny its existence. It was never a difficult choice to move closer to the Source of the light for it also drew me into the warm embrace of a loving God whose only desire for me was to flourish.

And from Mona Redito…

Each of us possesses an inner light that leads us to great fulfillment and purpose. It builds up but can also be dimmed in the seasons of our lives and in the fast-paced, changing world of today.

My Opening Light experience presented an intense light that something is about to happen. The real truth that the world cannot fully reveal to me – my questions seeking immediate answers – is paused, and I am now finding a path led by the Spirit to a response that is transformative, a way forward that can make us perfect in His image and purpose.

With thanks to Debbie dela Paz and Mona Redito for this contribution to the JISA Discernment Series. Debbie and Mona give the First Spiritual Exercises in JISA’s FSE Ministry in Sydney, also outreaching across Australia, New Zealand, and SE Asia.