The Book of my Own Life

The Book of my Own Life

A reflected response to one of a series of general audiences “Pope Francis – Discernment: The elements of discernment. The book of one’s own life.”

Covid with all its threats and difficulties became a gift in providing me time and space to stop and reflect, resulting in the writing of my own Life story. It was a rather cathartic experience in recalling and discerning my journey through past life experiences and challenges and how they have contributed to the person I am today. As I reflected and discerned, what became even more evident is the importance of how we respond to these inevitable challenges, which for me have been more easily navigated by the guiding love of my Creator showing me the way, although I came to realise that I was more often, not always consciously aware of the guidance.

Writing my Story not only enabled the letting go of many newly recognised negativities and sufferings, but also prompted me to take action in fulfilling a very long desire to complete the Full Spiritual Exercises in Wales.

I am very grateful for this opportunity that awaits me to explore, grow, discover and to further discern at even deeper level an understanding of my path forward, now that I have recently retired. Retirement has meant further significant letting go of career, relationships etc to embrace a new chapter of life with undoubtingly new challenges.

Discerning my life’s journey with greater conscious awareness of my spirituality has taught me much and no doubt will continue to reveal new insights and understandings, in order for me to come a little closer to realising my full potential as a person of Love, created out of Love – I am, who I am.

With thanks to Geraldine Naismith from JISA Campion for this contribution to the JISA Discernment Series. Geraldine is an Ignatian Spiritual Director and Giver of the Full Spiritual Exercises. She is a foundation member of JISA’s Being with God in Nature ministry and leads the Australian Ignatian Trail, as well as offering retreats and formation in the Sale Diocese of Victoria.