Significant Encounters of Intimacy with God

Significant Encounters of Intimacy with God

Intimacy with God. The best way to convey what intimacy with God means to me, is to share three significant experiences/encounters.

When I was 27, I was at a prayer meeting, standing up with about 400 other people singing Amazing Grace. Suddenly It was like I was completely alone, and I could see myself directly in front of me, so clearly that I could reach out and touch myself. At the same time the words “I love you Clive” reverberated in my mind and by God’s grace, I knew it was Jesus saying these words to me. From that moment on the words of Scripture came alive and I committed myself to daily prayer, which I have remained faithful to. I believe daily prayer is the bedrock for personal growth and for developing a deep relationship with God.

I have found God so often takes the initiative. I recall simply driving to a work appointment, when Jesus made His presence felt and I started singing praises to him from the depth of my heart.

When I was 75 (two years ago) I was undertaking an 8-day retreat when God the Father revealed to me that I was still running from His love, not believing I was worthy. He showed me an image of a field that was free of weeds and debris but lay fallow and I knew that the image represented my heart. He asked me for permission to plough the field. I jokingly said ‘let it rip”; he took me at my word! Oh, the joy, the release as the (dam) wall that I had built to protect my heart burst.

I now know that we do not have to earn God’s love, there is nothing we can do to make God love us more or less!  Your Brother In Christ.

With thanks to Clive Hamlin from JISA Faber in Brisbane for this contribution to the JISA Discernment Series.  Clive is a spiritual director and retreat giver and a long-standing leader of a Brisbane Christian Life Community Group.