Advent – a time to revive our hearts and minds

Advent – a time to revive our hearts and minds

“The Magnificat” Stained Glass Window, Community of Taizé

Finding spiritual revival can be a challenge in a world increasingly dominated by the noise of everyday life, such as negativity, complexity, and self-centredness. Spiritual revival is vital to the healing of our own lives and the lives of the others especially when given and received in simplicity, humility, and selflessness.

It is particularly desired at this time of preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ at Christmastime.  During Advent, we are asked to prepare our hearts and minds by spending time in periods of deep listening and thoughtful discernment to the voice of God in our lives. A voice best heard in the quiet places of life, often in the beauty of God’s creation, removed from the distractions of a noisy world.

Advent is a time to choose a way to loving consolation, the fruits of which are the gifts of an increase in hope, love, joy, and peace in God, and so, as Mary, to become beacons of light in our world through simplicity, humility, and selflessness.

May Mary’s ‘fiat,’ her immediate acceptance and consent to God’s will in her life, be a source of spiritual revival, as we too, prepare our hearts and minds for the coming of ‘Emmanuel” this Advent Season.

Prepare your heart and mind for the coming of Emmanuel

Listen to O come, O come, Emmanuel

Piano and Cello – The Piano Guys, 2013

Thank you to Christopher Kennedy for this contribution. Chris is a Spiritual Director and a Giver of all forms of the Spiritual Exercises who lives on the Gold Coast with his wife Susan. Besides his involvement with Ignatian Spirituality he has a particular interest in the ministry of menALIVE, a Catholic Men’s Ministry.