Footfall after footfall…

Footfall after footfall…

Listen and Pray with Andrew “Andy” Bullen SJ as we conclude out Erromeria Pilgrimage.


Footfall after footfall…

Footfall after footfall, weary
or fresh, a pilgrim never walks alone:
Christ the Lord is beside you on your way

Places are made holy by their story,
the spirit in which you journey to
receive their gift, and leave them.

The stars will guide you,
people you meet will be signs,
and your prayerful heart your compass.

You meet the world on the way
but are not held by it.
For pilgrims, the horizon is always the universe.

Your destination is always a surprise,
a holy place always gifts you with silence:
leave the Holy Land and it remains with you for ever.

Andrew Bullen SJ, Ignatius the Pilgrim: Poems and Prayers, 2013