Cardoner poem

St Ignatius in Manresa
11 November 2021
Manresa poem
11 November 2021

Cardoner poem

Now I am given to see
ripples and current of this river cast water lights
which interlace into a diamond and flash white fire.
From white light streams white light
To suffuse all creation with its shining power.
Now I am flooded with light,
which was not so before.

Now I see
white light stream from the Cross,
as if all life and love were concentrated there.
The letters of the Holy Name are made of bent nails
and surrounded by the halo of his thorns.
Now I know the host of Christ’s body,
which was not so before.

Now I see
wherever life bears those wounds,
the breath, the wind, of love is there.
It hovers like white fire over all creation,
for light and life and love are one.
My road runs forever alongside this river,
which now I see was not so before.


Andrew Bullen SJ
Ignatius the Pilgrim – Poems for Prayer, 2013