A deepening of my spiritual life beyond measure

A deepening of my spiritual life beyond measure

From the First Spiritual Exercises (FSE) training team, Anita Davine, reflects on the FSE ministry and her joy filled experience training a new group of FSE Givers.

As I ponder the fruits and graces of the FSE over a number of years now, I cannot help but echo the words from the musical Godspell. They have enabled me to ‘see Jesus more clearly, love him more dearly and follow him more nearly, day by day.’ 

The power of daily prayer, scripture reading, spiritual conversations and regular use of the Listening Book have led to a deepening of my spiritual life beyond measure. The invitation to share the Exercises with others from different states and countries has also been a wonderful privilege and a humbling experience. I have become aware of a hunger in our world to enter into spiritual conversations with a community of believers.

The FSE is a powerful tool in spreading the Good News of Jesus by lay, religious and priestly people. To witness the spiritual growth of people by their generosity and commitment to the FSE has encouraged me to become part of a National Team to train others to become givers.

The inspirational work of Fr Michael Hansen in sharing The First Spiritual Exercises Four Guided Retreats, A Manual for those who give the Exercises, and the Spiritual Field Hospital Exercises is spreading like seeds of fire as we welcome and train others in giving the Exercises. The Tutorials that Fr Michael and Frances Tilly have produced are essential tools for our ongoing training programs and provide us with necessary guidelines and information for affective giving and receiving of the Exercises.

The mentoring work of the National Team Members and State Regional Teams is invaluable for the ongoing growth of the First Spiritual Exercise Retreats at home and abroad. My sincere thanks to all of you for your ongoing commitment and inspiration and sharing of the First Spiritual Exercises.

Anita Davine, Victorian Regional FSE Team, JISA Member and Companion.