Erromeria: 1491 Ignatius is born in Loyola, Spain

Casa Torre Loyola
2 August 2021
Three spiritual exercises for facing a long future with Covid-19
24 August 2021

Erromeria: 1491 Ignatius is born in Loyola, Spain

Welcome to the August edition of our newsletter.  As we embark upon our virtual Erromeria pilgrimage, we do so at a time of ongoing disruption to our lives through COVID lockdowns and restrictions.  Ian Cribb SJ, likens this time to that of the biblical image of the Israelites wandering in the desert.  They must have been asking themselves, when will this end?  It was by keeping the faith, remaining positive, helping each other and being grateful for God’s providence, that the Israelites come through their ordeal.  We will get through this, and it will end.

So, we set out with the gifts of faith, care for each other and gratitude which will help us navigate the unknown twists and turns of our current life situations.  As we explore the significant moments of Ignatius’ life from his birth and early childhood, we are reminded that we are all pilgrims on our own journey to an ever deeper understanding of God, ourselves, others and the world.  We invite you on the Erromeria journey on our Erromeria webpage.

Buen Camino!

From the JISA Newsletter Team