In those days Mary set out …  Lk 1:39

In those days Mary set out …  Lk 1:39

Walking Madonna, Elizabeth Frink. Salisbury UK

Frances Tilly, Coordinator Mission Formation at JISA, invites us to reflect on the person of Mary as she ‘sets out’ in trust and faith.

In the scene of the annunciation, Mary speaks her yes once she hears her cousin Elizabeth is also expecting a baby – she who was thought barren and too old to bear children. (Lk 1:26-38)

Who is this Mary? We see her much perplexed, she ponders, listens, asks questions, and makes her decision. Then she sets out ‘with haste’ to visit Elizabeth. I imagine these two women draw strength from one another and share the joy and the unknown of their experience. What do you imagine?

‘Madonna Walking’ is the work of British sculptor, Elizabeth Frink. She stands outside Salisbury cathedral in the UK. With her back to the 13th century cathedral, we see here an older Mary. She is setting out again, focused, decided. Mary on the move – not a typical depiction of this woman! In the spiritual exercises, Ignatius invites us to come to know Jesus in his humanity. This leads a person to come to know Mary in hers too and even to know Jesus as his mother’s son.