Conversations with Silence, Sally Longley’s new book

Conversations with Silence, Sally Longley’s new book

JISA Canisius Spiritual Director, Sally Longley launches her new book Conversations with Silence to much acclaim.

Dr Sally Longley

“Part memoir and part spiritual instruction guide, Conversations with Silence is a poetically powerful invitation to transform our lives and authenticate our relationship with God through the healing power of silence. Spiritual director and author Sally Longley understands firsthand what courage it takes it takes to stop living frantically, to listen deeply, and to surrender to the voice of God wherever one finds it—in the Australian bush, in the desert, or in one’s own backyard. She invites us to courageously do the same; to seize sacred opportunities and pauses, Selah, which can be found always and everywhere, …This book is a propitious gift to the world, and one that is sorely needed during these times of cacophonous disconnection and despair. It is a hopeful book, and I am supremely grateful for it.” Exclaims Janice L. Lundy, co-founder, The Spiritual Guidance Training Institute, Chicago.

“Sally Longley reminds us of a forgotten truth: Words of substance are born of silence and bear fruit in silence.” Says Michael Whelan SM, author of A Friendly Guide to Prayer. “At a time when public discourse is beset by destructive polarizations and sheer emptiness, both inside religious traditions and in the marketplaces of our cities, Conversations with Silence says, gently but powerfully, ‘There is another way.’ It is a wise and healing book.”

Howard Avruhm Addison, Director of Jewish Spirituality Doctoral Programs at the Graduate Theological Foundation, praises Conversations with Silence. “Sally Longley offers us heartfelt ‘whys’ and wise ‘hows,’ as she guides us to… be still and intimately know. Born of reflection, scholarship, and deep experience, Sally introduces us to but some of the divine faces she’s encountered amid the textures of silence—the Sacred manifest in our personal shadows and distractions, in the fire, in the sky, in Scripture and in the presence of Grandmother God. Rooted in her lived Christianity, Longley’s grasp of the Abrahamic faiths, of Eastern and Indigenous traditions makes this a compelling read for people of all backgrounds.”

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Sally Longley is Spiritual Director with JISA Canisius.