Think you know Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises? Think again

How and where did First Spiritual Exercises begin?
5 October 2020
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24 October 2020

Think you know Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises? Think again

It took a time of convalescing from a chronic illness, not unlike the experience of St Ignatius of Loyola, for Jesuit priest, author and retreat giver,  Fr. Michael Hansen, S.J., to rediscover the  First Spiritual Exercises.  These Exercises are also known as the 18th Annotation Retreat.

The history of the First Spiritual Exercises stretches back long before Ignatius had finalized the Spiritual Exercises Retreat or founded the Society of Jesus.  In those early days, Ignatius  was much sought-after for spiritual advice and guidance, and filled with an overwhelming love of God, he was keen to share with others, simple prayer exercises that would lead them closer to God.  The First Spiritual Exercises follow a set structure and can be adapted to meet the specific needs of any given time thereby making Ignatian Spirituality accessible to an increasing number of people.

The First Spiritual Exercises invite an experience of the living God who desires a personal relationship with everyone.   Are you looking for a new, refreshingly simple and relevant way to pray?  The prayers of the First Spiritual Exercises have the power to invite growth and  ignite  freedom, if you dare to be open to experience such an encounter!

The unfolding story of the First Spiritual Exercises is articulated by Michael Hansen S.J., in an enlightening interview with Eric Clayton, from the Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States.  Click here to listen …….