First Spiritual Exercises via Zoom

First Spiritual Exercises via Zoom

In June 2020 , Covid-19 necessitated the Christian Life Community’s scheduled First Spiritual Exercise retreat be moved online and held via Zoom.  The unexpected move to the online world did not at all hinder the experience and proved positive for the retreatants.

Receivers of the First Spiritual Exercises say….

“I loved the way you held our stories and experiences and guided us in our prayer time. It was a graced and abundant time for me which continues to bear fruit.”

“Many thanks for your efforts in organizing and leading the retreat. It was a very nurturing experience for me for which I am very grateful.”

“This retreat coincided with a time I needed to make a personal discernment and thus I was greatly helped in making this discernment.”

 “Not having to leave home during COVID-19 was a definite plus.”

“The deepening of my friendship with Jesus and a more intimate sense of the presence of the Trinity in my prayer were evident for me. I learnt that everyone has crosses to bear and this gave me heart to bear my own particular crosses.”

“It has helped put back my relationship with God  into perspective.”