About our Newsletter

About our Newsletter

We invite you into an ongoing conversation through our regular newsletter. We want to listen and engage with you through shared stories, of how lives have been touched and transformed through Ignatian encounters with the living God, self, others and creation.

The newsletter will highlight current programs, retreats and events and take you to our website, which we have just started to develop and will continue to evolve.

You are receiving this newsletter because you have previously received newsletters or have participated in an offering from one of our centres or ministries in the past.

This first edition of our newsletter comes to you at the beginning of a new season, Spring, a season of newness, of Creation and new growth – the Season of Creation. We invite you to accompany us through the articles of interest, program offerings and an online spiritual exercise for you to try.

We pray that the abundance of God’s generosity with fill your hearts and souls this Spring.

The JISA Newsletter Team

Email your stories or feedback to newsletter@jisa.org.au