The joy of rain

The joy of rain

I woke up this morning to the comforting sound of steady rain drumming on the roof. In the darkness of pre-dawn I feel a sense of being safe and secure, my body curled up and cosy. It’s a primal womb-like experience.

I relish the feeling.  Perhaps it is some distant primal memory of mother love and nurturing.

An adolescent memory drifts into consciousness. Staying in spartan mountain huts and waking up to a seriously rainy day meant an enforced rest from the challenges of climbing.

We could only stay in our sleeping bags and read and sleep until the weather cleared.  The rain permitted a restful and welcome reprieve from the demands of the current activity – we could hole–up as it were.

In that contemplative space I am drawn into prayer. The rain becomes God’s love pouring down upon me, falling on the good and bad alike, both within me and the world outside.

Jesus’ words come to mind…Be like your Father in heaven who causes the sun to shine on the bad and the good, and the rain to fall on the just and the unjust alike.

I remember God’s promise that the rain comes down to water the earth and does not return to God without achieving the purpose for which it is sent. God is already actively at work ahead of me.

These are consoling words for beginning my day.

What effect does the rain have on you?

Liz Kerr

(Image from pixabay by werner22brigitte)