On 12-14 May 2022, Jesuit and Ignatian Spirituality Australia offered a transformative conference to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the conversion of St Ignatius Loyola.

This three-day Ignatian murmuration, is a series of spiritual conversations, using the Spiritual Field Hospital exercises of Michael Hansen SJ, to make connections with Ignatius in his interior journey of receiving new life in Christ. Receive new life yourself.

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What is an Ignatian Murmuration?

Our murmuration is a way
to lean into the riches of Ignatian spirituality,
to taste his darkness and light, his dreams, and his surrender,
on the tongue of our life stories.

Our murmuration is a soft revelation
of the Spirit, Jesus, and Father,
of God as the lover, the healer, and the teacher,
in conversation with the voices of our own journeys.

Our murmuration is a flow
of our soul’s story and choices,
of the contemplation of stars,
above the river of our heart’s winding ways.

If you can fly in the wind shadow
of the one in front of you,
aware of the one under you, alert to the one above,
if you are sensitive to the one on your left,
and align with the one on your right,
you will fly in our murmuration,
aware of God in all.

What makes this Conference Special?

St Ignatius is the key speaker.
The Spirit of God is our event co-ordinator.
Spiritual exercises for a Field Hospital is the way
we shape our days with both.

We do not want talk about St Ignatius
and his conversion.
We want to get inside his interior life
and experience the changes in his soul for ourselves.
We want to celebrate his anniversary inside-out.

This conference is a three-day gathering of wings,
of soar, turn and spiral, swooping in unison
with the interior journey of St Ignatius
and the words of his dear friend, Jesus.
You could be flying with us.

No experts, no overseas speakers, no panels,
no endless talking heads, no hidden agenda, no egos,
no heavy expectations, no condemnations, no qualifications,
no previous experience needed…

This conference is just about discovering something new,
something unplanned, but vital, together.
On that we will take wing.

What would I experience?

In just three days how close to St Ignatius’ experience will we get?

In three days, we will experience many of the foundational movements that define Ignatian Spirituality today. In addition, this murmuration will be a master class in Ignatian discernment of spirits – learn not by theory but by doing.

The Program
Australian Eastern Standard Time
Thursday 12 May – Day 1
9.45 Sign in
10.00 Broken Hero
11.30 Break
12.00 Days of Pain
1.30 Break
2.30 Dreaming with God
4.00 End
Friday 13 May – Day 2
9.45 Sign in
10.00 Two Spirits
11.30 Break
12.00 Night of Vigil
1.30 Break
2.30 Spirit of Progress
4.00 End
Saturday 14 May – Day 3
9.45 Sign in
10.00 Desperate Hero
11.30 Break
12.00 Days of Light
1.30 Break
2.30 Sailing with God
4.00 End


In each session, you will meet the Spirit of God.
In each session you will be filled with a gift from the Spirit.
In joining us for the whole murmuration
you will engage with the nine Spirits here…

The Presenters

Thirty-two experienced presenters.


Thirty-two inspirational stories.


Thirty-two transforming moments.


Meet your Murmuration Hosts, Key Speakers, Givers of the Ignatian spiritual exercises, guides of spiritual conversation, and star gazers…

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