Try this Spiritual Exercise – Breakthrough Progress

A deepening of my spiritual life beyond measure
November 3, 2021
St Ignatius in Manresa
November 11, 2021

Try this Spiritual Exercise – Breakthrough Progress

After his conversion experience at Loyola, Ignatius felt moved to leave home and journey to Montserrat. There, at the Benedictine Monastery at Montserrat he surrenders the trappings of his former life and makes a full confession of his past sins.  This was one of many breakthroughs in Ignatius’ spiritual progress.  You are invited to explore your own spiritual progress, acknowledging the obstacles, and pressing forward for a breakthrough.

Liz Kerr takes you through a Spiritual Field Hospital Exercise called Breakthrough!  You are invited to hold an object that symbolizes for you the easing or taking away of illusory obstacles to that you can move forward in service.


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